Advise on Job Titles

I run our development team I'm about to promote some of my team from these roles:

  • Software Architect to Senior Software Architect
  • Software Analyst to Project Manager

The issue I face is my title is Senior Software Architect, since I'm promoting my boss has asked me to come up with a new job title for my role.

I'm struggling to come up with good options, I want to avoid Engineer as we have engineers in our IT department.

Some options:

  • Software Architect Manager
  • Lead Software Architect
  • CTO - although I don't think this applied to software or does it?
  • Development manager
  • Technical Director

I'd love to hear your suggestions.

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You probably meant to write this as a question.

Software Architect Manager

No from me, but cannot put my finger on it.

Lead Software Architect

No, because it misses the management factor. You promote, so you don't only lead the architecture side, but you have people you manage.


This would require you to be the top manager for technical stuff in your entire company. Are you?

Development manager

Sounds like a synonym for architect, and way too generic, so no.

It's hard to decide on a role name. So you always have to think about the following: What do you want others to understand when they hear about your job title (without explanation)? While terms like engineer are protected titles in some countries (caution!) plus you may not be an engineer but a manager, try to get the best ring out of it. Any layman should know what you do, as should people in the industry. They have to understand your position. Hence, your explanation might not be sufficient for a good name. From what I read, though, I'd propose the following:

  • your are a manager, you have staff responsibility, reflect it in your job title
  • you do software architecture, and so does the team you manage

=> Software Architecture Team Manager

It's long, and it's verbose, but I don't know if it's accurate and I might be bad at naming things.

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Web developer

thank you, yes I did mean this as a question I'll update it.

That's really helpful, I was in 2 minds about CTO but no I'm not for the company only my department.

I like your suggestion that is a nice mix between the 2 sides.

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What are your responsibilities at work? The title should reflect this. Engineer isn't bad at all, it's someone who can engineer from scratch, and architect does the outlining and a developer implements the engineered solution. Scientists theorize new concepts.

It's easier to understand when thinking about construction work:

  • The scientist discover new material or how to use them
  • The architect plan the overall idea
  • The engineer defines how to implement it
  • The developer build it
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Thanks for the feedback. I've settled on Principal Software Architect

This site also helped.